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Scalia: Justices ‘don’t owe anybody anything’

The U.S. Supreme Court often weighs in on politicized subjects – this term alone the Court is likely to rule on cases involving the Obama administration’s health care law, Arizona’s immigration law and affirmative action policies at Texas and Michigan colleges. But Justice Antonin Scalia said the justices focus only on the law, not the politics.

“I don’t care a fig if a statute has been passed by a Democrat or Republican,” Scalia told a group of Chicago-Kent College of Law students Tuesday, according to the Northwest Herald. “Once you’re on the court, you don’t owe anybody anything. Justices are notorious ingrates.”

Scalia did weigh in on a political subject of sorts. When the justice, who was raised in Queens, was asked if he preferred thick Chicago-style pizza or the thin, foldable New York variety, Scalia picked the former.

“I like so-called deep dish, it’s very tasty,” he said to cheers from the audience. “But it should not be called a pizza. It should be called a tomato pie.”