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Coming soon: Scalia and Ginsburg, the Opera

Supreme Court buffs who have long followed the drama and unlikely friendship between Justices Antonin G. Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg can take heart: the story is being put to music.

“There is now being written an opera called ‘Scalia-Ginsburg,’” Ginsburg said last week during an appearance at the spring meeting of the American Bar Association Section of International Law in Washington, according to a Federal News Service transcript from the event. (FNS is a sister company to Lawyers USA.)

The justices, who lie on opposite sides of the Court’s ideological spectrum, are close and have been known to travel, ring in the New Year, attend the opera together. Once the justices were even featured in a performance by the Washington National Opera. Soon, it’s their story that will be set to music.

“One of the principal arias is “Meet Giamano Nino,’” Ginsburg said.

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