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Scalia’s least favorite things

We can now add to the growing list of things that annoy Justice Antonin G. Scalia.

We already knew Scalia’s not too keen on renowned federal judges criticizing the justice’s work.  He hates it when lawyers arguing before the Supreme Court cite statutes without including the text of the law in their briefs. Accusing the justices of having partisan motives is sure to ruffle Scalia’s feathers as well.

Now, we know that grammatically-challenged flight attendants peeve the Court’s most senior associate justice as well. Speaking this weekend at the Federalist Society, Scalia complained of “the illiterates who communicate with the public” on airlines, according to the WSJ’s Law Blog. Scalia referred to a recent flight where the attendant announced that it was “required that your luggage is under the seat in front of you.” The “is” should have been “be,” according to the justice.

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  1. Ah yes, the subjunctive mood! It’s a lost art. For once I sympathize; it’s like listening to someone singing off key.

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