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NLRB back to full staff, but with one member snub

Just days after a U.S, Supreme Court’s ruling demonstrated the danger of having an understaffed National Labor Relations Board, Tuesday the Senate confirmed two of President Barack Obama’s nominees to the Board: Democrat Mark Pearce and Republican Brian Hayes. That brings the Board to a full five operating members for the first time since 2007.

But the Senate did not confirm Obama’s third nominee to the board, former labor union lawyer Craig Becker, whose nomination sparked heated opposition from some Republicans and business groups who expressed fear that Becker would use Board rulings to usher in a “card check” union voting rule on an administrative level. Such a rule would allow employees to organize by a show of card instead of a secret balloting process. Legislation that would have authorized the change stalled in Congress last year.

Becker was installed on the Board in March as a recess appointment.

Yesterday the Senate confirmed Obama’s nominees for more than 60 posts ranging from judgeships to U.S. attorneys to agency positions.

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