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Friday morning docket: Tailgate edition

ballCongress continues to wrangle with President Barack Obama’s plan to stimulate the nation’s economy as new indicators show the fiscal crisis is just getting worse. Meanwhile, Obama is reported to be hosting group of union leaders at the White House today, where he will undo several Bush-era executive orders that have been criticized as anti-union. And all is quiet at One First Street, NE, as the Supreme Court is on a nearly month-long hiatus.

As you prepare your Super Bowl party menus, here’s a quick look at legal news headlines:

Preempting preemption? Bad news for preemption proponents: Obama is ushering in a new era of “progressive federalism” by giving states more leeway to regulate environmental, consumer protection and other issues. (NYT)

A sticky situation: Lawmakers are looking into stricter regulations on food producers to prevent massive and costly recalls of dangerous products, like the recent peanut butter salmonella fiasco. (NYT)

No illegal credit? GOP sources say the new economic stimulus plan making its way though congress expressly bars illegal immigrants and nonresident aliens from receiving tax credits. But Democrats say the bill has nothing to do with immigration, and accused the GOP of scare tactics. (AP)

Cramdown bill advances: A bill that would give bankruptcy judges more leeway in adjusting homeowners’ mortgage terms has advanced in Congress. (Lawyers USA)

Another E-Verify delay: The federal government has again delayed implementation of a rule requiring all companies working on federal contracts to electronically check the legal working status of their employees through the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system. (Lawyers USA)

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