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Obama, Roberts redo the oath

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Just when we thought the whole Oath-gate episode was finally winding down comes word that Chief Justice John G. Roberts re-administered the oath of office to President Barack Obama about an hour ago.

According to CNN, Obama retook the oath at about 7:35pm Wednesday in the White House Map Room. The move was perhaps to quell the conspiracy theories questioning whether the first oath, which was badly botched, actually took.

Constitutionally, Obama became president at noon Tuesday – no matter what he or the Chief Justice said. But the new administration just wanted dotted “i”s and crossed “t”s.

“We believe that the oath of office was administered effectively and that the president was sworn in appropriately yesterday,” White House counsel Greg Craig said in a statement.

UPDATE: And now we have the official redo photo:



  1. Does this warrant a pink slip for Roberts?

  2. Ah yes Bush may be gone, but bits of his presidency will always linger. It maybe totally unfair but during this episode I could not help remembering the ineptness of many other members of the Bush legacy. I just hope Roberts limits his flubs to administering oathes.

  3. Demostene Romanucci

    Well, for a while there I was in doubt whether or not the Chief Justice was really a strict constructionist.

  4. well he was the president at noon regardless of the oath, but if it makes some people sleep better for the next four years well ok then.

  5. Wipp dee doo!
    Bush said the same damn thing…
    Bush said it right, but look where that got us!

    It’s all semantics, symbolism, and mumbo jumbo in the end.

  6. What a sad, sad world we live in. Can we not celebrate and enjoy what has just taken place without the media creating a controversy about nothing. Good for you Obama for being buttoned up. I’m saddened that CNN, the same network that I was so happy to watch yesterday as already fallen prey.

  7. I didn’t vote for Obama, but I was as excited as the rest of the country to see this moment.. and as it unfolded I knew the Chief Justice fumbled.. I was really embarrassed for our new president, he obviously memorized the oath himself and stopped and paused and leaned forward, eyebrows raised, as an attempt to allow the Justice to repeat it the correct way, but he flubbed it again. Awful show, that will be forever remembered in history. And to the previous posters.. quit blaming Bush on this, enough! He’s gone! Every eye is now on your messiah, Bush can now never be blamed for anything going forward.. sheesh..

  8. I either hear recriminations against the brilliant genius, John Roberts, from those enduring the ‘sour grapes’ syndrome as their man lost, or the truth from people who realize that this can happen to a human being. The oath was not administered by a machine as a recording! So, as a Republican who roots for whoever the President happens to be elected democratically by the people, I say, put a sock in it, and get a life! The sky has not fallen! Get over it!

  9. Sounds Like Obama Wanted the Sound Bite- Even the News/Radio After the Inauguration Would Only Play the First Part.

  10. Now, if only he would produce a legally verifiable birth record proving he meets the natural born citizen clause, we could all sleep better.

  11. Hey, nerves can make tongues do funny things. Methinks we should lighten up a bit. I suppose the “redo” makes it kosher now.

    Regarding a legally verifiable birth record proving he meets the natural born citizen clause, the most recent report I can find is here:


    I’ll be surprised if this dog can hunt

  12. Some one stated here, ” it’s all semantics, symbolism and mumbo-jumbo in the end”

    Is that what you thought when you were swearing in for Bar? Somehow I think it is more than that there is a lot riding on this term. Let’s not cast our vote so soon like, Themistocles.

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