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Scalia and the City: When Nino Met Carrie

Is Justice Antonin Scalia a fan of the show Sex and the City? Did he tune in regularly to see the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her Jimmy Choo-wearing comrades? And did he gush when he met the show’s star Sarah Jessica Parker on a New York City street – all before bumming a smoke from her?

According to New York magazine, quoting witnesses claiming to have seen the whole thing go down, all these things are true. But Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg, speaking to Legal Times, throws water on the whole thing.

Arberg said Scalia had no idea who the actress was when they met on a sidewalk outside of a Manhattan television studio. He eventually realized who she was, but he did not gush over her work on the show. And he merely lit her cigarette at her request, he did not ask for one.

(HT: ABA Journal. Photo of Parker by Franz Richter)

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