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Matrixx faces new wave of Zicam suits

In what could be the opening salvo in a new wave of lawsuits against the maker of Zicam, lawyers on Monday filed an Arizona lawsuit on behalf of 117 people who claim they have suffered loss of smell after using the popular nasal spray. Click here for the full article from The Arizona Republic.

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Zicam not alone in homeopathic side-effect reports

Zicam and hundreds of other homeopathic remedies -- highly diluted drugs made from natural ingredients -- are legally sold as treatments with explicit claims of medical benefit. Yet they don't require federal checks for safety, effectiveness or even the right ingredients. An Associated Press analysis of the Food and Drug Administration's side-effect reports found more than 800 homeopathic ingredients were potentially implicated in health problems last year. Complaints ranged from vomiting to attempted suicide. Click here for the full article.

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