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Not your father’s pro bono

Not that long ago, pro bono work was usually a solitary endeavor where one lawyer represented a poor client on a single legal matter. But the model is changing. Increasingly, law firms – especially larger ones – are establishing firm-wide ...

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The law profession ‘going green’

In the burgeoning green culture, law firms’ eco-responsible practices stretch from the courtroom to the kitchen. The escalating energy costs and climate change concerns that have spurred the society-wide green movement in the U.S. have also prompted clients to expect ...

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Pay scale: Who makes what where?

San Francisco and Dallas top the list of metropolitan areas that have the highest median salaries for attorneys in 2008. According to Payscale.com, the salary research site, San Francisco offers a median salary of $105,800 for associates with at least ...

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Managing the e-mail beast

It's not uncommon for attorneys to receive 150-200 new e-mails a day. That’s a lot of e-mail, about 25,000 per year. Lawyers USA spoke with several experts about their suggestions for how to best manage the unceasing flow of e-mail.

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