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The $40 per day fee for witnesses in regular federal court proceedings also applies when witnesses are summoned to appear in a case under the Supreme Court’s Original jurisdiction. Kansas v. Colorado, No. 105, Original.  March 9, 2009.

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Trade Secrets: Tips for witness preparation

Stephen D. Susman, a leading trial lawyer and partner at Susman Godfrey in Houston, gives tips on how to prepare a witness to testify in depositions and in the courtroom. “Most people can be taught to be good witnesses, but lawyers have to take the time to do so,” he said during a recent audio seminar.

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‘Boxing in’ witnesses for knockout depositions

For 29 years as a plaintiffs' trial lawyer, Paul Scoptur has deposed adverse expert and lay witnesses in cases focused on auto accidents, medical malpractice, product liability and brain injuries. To elicit all of an adverse witness's knowledge on a topic, Scoptur uses a variety of deposition techniques, including "boxing in" and "exhausting" the witness.

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Making cross-examination a monologue

Whether it's a standing-room-only audience of 200 attorneys at the American Bar Association in Hawaii this summer or a one-on-one conversation, MacCarthy's ideas on cross-examination dance from Greek rhetorical methods to Chicago courtroom yarns to the "magical power" of blackboards.

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Teaching lawyers to keep asking questions

James W. McElhaney is a man who won’t take “I don’t know,” for an answer. Unfortunately, he said, too many lawyers are willing to accept that statement from a witness giving a deposition.

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