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Taking storytelling to a new level in the courtroom

Most lawyers with any natural storytelling ability had it beaten out of them in law school. But all hope is not lost. In his new book, ‘Twelve Heroes, One Voice,’ trial lawyer Carl Bettinger draws from a variety of stories, from ‘The Odyssey’ to ‘The Matrix’, to show how a jury trial mimics the story arc of every hero-centric tale – with the happy ending being what Bettinger calls a “verdict with a capital V.”

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On murder and social media: Casey Anthony’s jury consultant speaks

Minutes after the jury delivered a stunning defense verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, the defendant’s chief trial consultant, Amy Singer, spoke with Lawyers USA about what trial lawyers can learn from the case. Singer, who has consulted on other high profile cases including the Jack Kevorkian and Michael Jackson trials, said that this case was different due to her extensive use of social media.

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New York court rules 5-minute limit on voir dire improper

Imposing a five-minute limitation on counsel for the questioning of jurors during each round of voir dire in a multiple felony case was an abuse of the trial court’s discretion, New York’s highest court has ruled in remanding the case ...

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Conviction reversed over voir dire held in hallway

A judge erred by conducting a portion of voir dire outside of the courtroom even though the defendant declined to accompany his counsel to the hallway and the conversation was recorded, the Washington Court of Appeals has ruled.

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Unemployment puts new spin on employment cases

Trying employment cases in the midst of the highest unemployment numbers in decades poses new challenges for lawyers on both sides. Jurors are still angry at corporations, but, at the same time are hardened to economic reality and therefore less sympathetic to the average out-of-work plaintiff.

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