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Mich. high court to consider ban on juror online access

Michigan jurors may be forbidden the pleasures (however dubious) of Twitter, Google, Facebook and all manner of online communication during the course of a trial under a proposed rule set for hearing next week before the state supreme court. Click ...

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The dangers of online networking

Attorneys are being urged to go online to find clients more than ever before. But Michael P. Downey, a partner at Hinshaw & Culbertson in St. Louis who focuses his practice on ethics (and is an author of the blog The Ethical Quandary), urges caution when participating in online social networking sites.

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What jurors’ web presence says about them

A web page is worth a thousand words, especially if you’re looking for information about potential jurors who will decide the fate of your case. Many lawyers are still underestimating how many people have a strong web presence, whether it’s on their own web page, a blog, Twitter, a MySpace or Facebook page, or some combination thereof.

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