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Trial lessons: Juries see more than just the evidence

Don’t wear a pinky ring. Don’t wear monogrammed shirts. Don’t drive your fancy sports car to the courthouse. These are some of the rules lawyers follow if they don’t want to alienate jurors on Day 1. Why? Because juries are ...

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Trial lessons from Tiger Woods

Paul Luvera, author of Plaintiff Trial Lawyer Tips, suggests trial lawyers can learn something from watching Tiger Woods’ efforts to control his temper during golf tournaments. “When anger is in control we are out of control,” Luvera notes. “Often, our ...

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Powerful stumble with apologies

From David Letterman to Eliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods, “Americans have been bombarded with examples of powerful people acting like the rules don’t apply to them,” notes Beth Foley, a founding partner of Zagnoli McEvoy Fioley, a litigation consulting firm ...

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