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Jury awards $322 million to worker in asbestos case

As a teenager growing up in Mississippi who barely learned to read or write, Thomas Brown Jr. went to work on oil drilling rigs as a “roughneck” – doing all the hard manual labor to support the drilling team, including pouring 50-pound bags of additives into mud used in the drilling process. Thirty years later, he learned those bags contained asbestos.

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Lawyer who invested in friend’s company wins $116 million verdict over failure to disclose fraud

A Houston attorney who invested roughly $28,000 in his billionaire friend’s oil and gas company and cashed out for over $6 million won a $116 million verdict against his friend and the company for their failure to disclose that the ...

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Second hepatitis outbreak trial results in $182.M verdict

Hundreds of miles and worlds away from the Los Angeles trial against Michael Jackson’s doctor for administering a fatal dose of propofol to the King of Pop, a jury in Las Vegas was listening to a very different case over ...

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Jury awards $104 million to couple for hepatitis infection

In the third trial over a rash of hepatitis C infections caused by contaminated vials of the anesthetic propofol at Las Vegas colonoscopy and endoscopy clinics in October, a jury ordered the drug makers to pay $104 million to 71-year-old ...

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$91.5 million verdict awarded for nursing home death

A West Virginia jury awarded the son of a woman who died of severe dehydration after a brief stay in a nursing home $91.5 million, including an $80 million punitive damages award. “It was like a house of horrors,” plaintiffs’ attorney Michael J. Fuller said of the facility where 87-year-old Dorothy Douglas was admitted in 2009, only to die a few weeks later.

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