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Should you switch to Linux?

Are you tired of your computer running poorly and frustrated with software failure or inadequate technical support? Is your PC or Mac slowing down your practice? Maybe you should consider switching to Linux, a free open-source operating system known for ...

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Quick (and cheap!) ways to fix your computer

Small firm lawyers looking to save a few bucks can improve their computers’ speed and performance quite cheaply with a quick trip around the Internet. Lawyers USA recently spoke with some technology gurus to get their take on cheap and easy ways to keep your computer running quickly and effectively.

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Personal blog vs. firm blog: How to choose

Marketing has never been more important for attorneys – and a blog displaying expertise in a particular practice area is a valuable tool for networking, attracting new business and finding other opportunities. But should you market yourself with a personal blog tied to your specific name and practice, or contribute to a firm blog as one of several authors?

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Reader responds to book review

Dear Editor: I have read with interest the article entitled “New Book Updates Technology Picks”.  In this article there is a quotation by a Mr. Nelson: “Also, Time Matters, since it got acquired by LexisNexis, has had a real problem ...

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Choosing client-focused technology

In the quest to outfit your practice with the most efficient and cost-effective technology, there is one element that can be overlooked: the client. Lawyers USA recently spoke with legal technology guru Dennis Kennedy of St. Louis on how to ensure that the focus of your practice’s technology stays on the client.

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Should you be using SKYPE?

In just four years, SKYPE, the peer-to-peer internet telephone service, has become one of the most popular communications software applications for casual users and professionals alike. But is it right for lawyers?

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