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What to keep in your employee files

A solo or small firm lawyer may represent him or herself as Director of Human Resources, among many other responsibilities. In some small law firms, there may be no personnel file or other records for employees besides payroll and tax records. Here’s a look at what the small firm lawyer forced to serve as Human Resources Director would want to keep in the personnel files.

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Creative ways to motivate staff in a recession

One cloudy day back when he first started his small firm, Mark Robertson of Robertson & Williams in Oklahoma City noticed tension building in the office as everyone in the firm grew overworked and snippy, generally suffering from the winter doldrums. So Robertson made an executive decision: close the office and take everyone to the movies.

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Outsourcing can give firms a leg up

Outsourcing is like hiring someone to prepare your taxes. Sure, you can figure out your home office exemption, but the time you spend doing it could be spent coaching your kid’s basketball team instead. The advantages are the same at ...

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The way to motivate office staff may not be what you think

More than extensive benefit packages, more than cash bonuses, and even more than high salaries, support staff want opportunities for advancement, training to expand their expertise and flexible schedules, according to a survey of law firms by a legal employment ...

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The power of the paralegal

Paralegals perform a variety of tasks for lawyers today that they may not have in the past. And while most small-firm and solo practitioners don't have a need for covert operations, there are a variety of innovative ways attorneys can use paralegals that will help increase the overall productivity of the firm and allow lawyers to focus their efforts on what they do best - practicing law and rainmaking.

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