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Rethinking the roles of your law firm’s support staff

The old school model for staffing in a small law firm was often one secretary or legal assistant per lawyer, but it's becoming increasingly incompatible with business reality. Lawyers USA columnist Jim Calloway explains why training staff to become experts with more focused assignments better reflects the needs of the contemporary workplace, and how to transition your firm to the new model.

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Ten tips for better staff evaluations

Good evaluation systems are well worth the time and effort put into their creation, implementation and monitoring. Whether your office’s employee evaluation methods need to be established or could stand to be updated or perhaps entirely overhauled, these tips are intended to help you get the ball rolling.

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Staff plays key role in tough times

Rough times can sneak up on us with little or no warning, or they can descend upon us after plenty of telltale signs that we choose to ignore. Either way, every staff member, regardless of title, plays a key role when it comes to successfully surviving change.

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