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Benchmarks: Fla. court slashes $16.2M from smoker award

A Florida appeals court has overturned a jury’s award of $16.2 million in punitive damages to a now-deceased cigarette smoker, concluding that Philip Morris should have been allowed to present a statute of repose defense to the smoker’s fraud-based conspiracy ...

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Court tosses $5M punitive award in first ‘Engle’ case

A Florida appellate panel has overturned a $5 million award of punitive damages against Philip Morris in the first individual case to go to trial under the state’s court-imposed procedures for product liability suits against cigarette manufacturers.

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Supreme Court to take on tolling securities case

WASHINGTON – Sometimes at the U.S. Supreme Court, words and labels mean everything. On Tuesday, the justices parsed the wording of a securities law provision to determine whether to label it a statute of limitations or a statute of repose. ...

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