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A three-dimensional view of small firm success

The legal profession has reached a point where upheaval is the “new normal.” Certainly large law firms are changing in response to recession, technology and client demands; those firms that don’t change quickly enough, like Dewey & LeBoeuf, are doomed to swift failure. Some wonder if the sole and small firm practitioner will survive this kind of turmoil. The answer is that although big law firms serve the “1 percent” of the corporate world, there is enormous potential for solos and small firms to thrive by serving the “99 percent” of our society.

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Big firm lawyers lured away by small-firm life

The economics of practicing in a small firm – or even solo – is luring many top-flight lawyers away from big firms. The exodus has been made possible by sophisticated technology that continues to erode the manpower advantages that larger firms have used to bury their smaller competitors.

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