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Did all-white jury violate Sixth Amendment rights?

Were an African-American murder defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights violated by an all-white jury panel in a case where a U.S. Court of Appeals determined that a state supreme court improperly failed to find systematic underrepresentation?

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Is a criminal defendant’s voluntary statement obtained in the absence of a knowing and voluntary waiver of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel admissible for impeachment purposes? U.S. Supreme Court. Kansas v. Ventris, No. 07-1356. Certiorari granted Oct. 1, 2008. ...

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Even though a defendant went through six assigned attorneys over three years, his right to a speedy trial was not violated. Vermont v. Brillon, No. 08-88. March 9, 2009.

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The Sixth Amendment does not bar states from providing that judges, not juries, may find the facts necessary to impose consecutive rather than concurrent sentences for multiple offenses. Oregon v. Ice,  Jan 14, 2009.

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If an indigent defendant's right to counsel has attached and counsel has been appointed, must the defendant take additional affirmative steps to "accept" the appointment in order to secure the protections of the Sixth Amendment and preclude interrogation without counsel present? U.S. Supreme Court. Montejo v. Louisiana, No. 07-1529. Certiorari granted Oct. 1, 2008. Ruling below: 974 So. 2d 1238 (La. 2008).

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