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Medicaid preemption ruling nixes one-size-fits-all state liens

WASHINGTON – Several states will have to revisit their Medicaid reimbursement rules after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina law that set an automatic reimbursement rate for third-party tort awards as preempted by the Medicaid Act.

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LegalTech 2013: from settlement predictions to social network tracking

Lawyers USA reports on items of interest to solos and small firm attorneys from the annual LegalTech conference, including software that can predict where a case will settle.

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Strategies to make your client’s award collectible

Ever wonder what happens after the headlines trumpeting the latest humongous jury verdict are gone? Do the plaintiffs actually collect the amount the jury awarded? How often and how much? Whether a verdict is reduced by the trial judge, overturned or reduced on appeal by a higher court, or settled for less than the jury awarded, collecting a verdict is a high hurdle for plaintiffs’ attorneys.

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Jury mediation: a new tool to resolve cases

Lawyers USA columnist Richard Gabriel has spoken to hundreds of attorneys, judges and mediators about their mediations and settlements over the past year, and has found that the question of whether to settle or take a case to trial contains a fundamental risk analysis: How can a litigant obtain better information to either resolve a case or let a jury check the boxes on a verdict form? To address these concerns, Gabriel has begun conducting jury mediations.

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