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Life sentence for crack dealer doesn’t violate Eighth Amendment

The Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment does not preclude a mandatory life sentence for dealers who possess a smaller quantity of crack cocaine than the quantity of powder cocaine necessary to trigger a similar sentence, the 7th ...

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Should existing U.S. Supreme Court precedent be overruled to require a jury to decide facts which increase a mandatory minimum sentence? See “Should jury decide facts increasing minimum sentence?” Alleyne v. U.S., No. 11-9335. Certiorari granted:  Oct. 5, 2012. Ruling ...

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Supreme Court term: More than health care and immigration

WASHINGTON – While the nation has focused on the big cases the U.S. Supreme Court saved for last this term – rulings upholding the majority of the federal health care law and striking down several provisions of the Arizona immigration ...

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Benchmarks: Smile costs defendant six months in prison

A smile probably isn’t the best way to respond when a judge tells you you’re going to spend the next six and a half years in prison. That’s particularly true when the judge has yet to put it down in ...

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