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Lawmakers, witnesses debate measure protecting gay workers from discrimination

WASHINGTON – As lawmakers and advocates urged the passage of legislation they say is needed to stop discrimination against gay and transgendered workers, opponents of the measure voiced constitutional concerns at a Senate hearing.

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GOP blocked confirmation vote on CFPB director

WASHINGTON – The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will remain without a permanent director after Senate Republicans blocked a confirmation vote on President Barack Obama’s pick to head the agency. The 53-45 vote Thursday fell seven votes below the 60 ...

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Block on NLRB nominees may mean trouble for labor lawyers

For the National Labor Relations Board, next year could be, as Yogi Berra put it, déjà vu all over again. If members of the Senate, angered over recent NLRB actions, block the president's nominees for two upcoming vacancies, the Board could again drop to two members, rendering it unable to issue decisions.

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