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Medtronic bone graft suit isn’t preempted, says trial court

Federal law does not preempt a product liability suit brought by a woman who claimed she suffered injuries as a consequence of Medtronic’s promotion of a bone graft device for “off-label” uses, a California trial court has ruled in denying ...

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Federal law preempts Medtronic pain pump suit

Federal law regulating medical devices preempted product liability claims brought by a woman whose husband allegedly received a fatal overdose of medication from a Medtronic drug infusion system, the 4th Circuit has ruled in affirming judgment.

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Medical device claim not preempted

Federal law does not completely preempt state law failure-to-warn claims against the manufacturer of a medical device used to treat excess uterine bleeding, the 5th Circuit has ruled in reversing a summary judgment.

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High Court confirmation process to stall delayed bills

First it was the health care bill. Now it is the financial reform package. And soon, authors and advocates of key pieces of legislation important to lawyers will face yet another obstacle to getting those bills to a final vote: the confirmation process for Elena Kagan, who has been nominated to be the next U.S. Supreme Court justice.

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