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Lawyers in Kodak bias case detail $9.7M bill

The proposed settlement in a discrimination lawsuit against Eastman Kodak Co. comes with a $9.7 million legal bill, and now attorneys handling the case are having to justify those costs. In a series of filings in U.S. District Court in New York last week and Monday, attorneys for the plaintiffs in the class-action suit have spelled out the reasons for that lofty expense.

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SoCal city settles officers’ claims for $18M

The city of South Gate, Calif., has paid out $18 million to settle lawsuits filed by a group of officers who said they faced racially-motivated discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the aftermath of the ouster of a Latino police official in 2002, the officers' attorney said Tuesday.

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Supreme Court takes another firefighter case

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide another case involving firefighters and discrimination. The Court will address when the 300-day filing period begins to run on an EEOC charge in a disparate impact case brought by firefighters who alleged that the City of Chicago's aptitude test discriminated against African-American applicants.

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