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J.D. on hold, a life in limbo

At 35 years old, Sergio Garcia is tantalizingly close to a goal he latched on to when he was 10: to become a lawyer. He paid his own way through college and law school, and has passed arguably the hardest bar exam in the country. One impediment stands between him and his dream. Garcia is an undocumented immigrant.

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Small Minnesota family law firm unveils novel flat-fee approach

Much has been made of the growing efforts by lawyers to "unbundle" their services in an effort to woo clients, asking them to pay for only what they need. Now, a small Minnesota family law firm is taking that concept in an unusual direction by offering flat-fee representation in cases that are often contentious and open-ended: contested divorces.

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Small firm experiments with alternative fee options

Former law school roommates Leah Goodman and Sue Wang were on vacation together in Greece when they got to talking about changing up their law practices. After more discussion, the two eventually decided to start their own firm together, one focused on client interaction and fairness and transparency in billing, with a particular emphasis on eliminating the billable hour.

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With a little help from his friends

Tampa attorney Mark Bentley is a Beatlemaniac. And his office has become a showcase for many of his Beatles posters, pictures and instruments.

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‘Paying it forward’: Small firm PI attorney moonlights as EMT

By day, Richard Jaffe is a partner in a five-lawyer personal injury firm, advocating for accident victims and health care providers against no-fault insurance carriers. But at night he can be found screaming down a Brentwood, Long Island road inside ...

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Former SEC lawyer targets financial fraud

He went from being The Enforcer to The Cleaner. Walter Mathews, a former Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement attorney, now runs a small law firm dedicated to cleaning up financial fraud in South Florida.

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