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FDA stands ground on Pradaxa, but more suits filed

Litigation is moving forward against the makers of Pradaxa. More than 100 suits have been filed and the first cases have been scheduled, despite a recent safety review from the Food and Drug Administration concluding that the anticoagulant medicine does ...

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Court ponders class certification standard in securities fraud case

WASHINGTON – In the second of two cases considering what class action plaintiffs must prove to make it past the certification stage, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court tackled the issue of whether plaintiffs asserting a fraud-on-the-market claim must ...

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Reglan most litigated drug of 2011, latest ranking says

The anti-nausea drug Reglan and its generic counterparts were the drugs most frequently cited in litigation in 2011, according to a consumer watchdog’s latest analysis of Food and Drug Administration statistics.

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