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Subordinate’s account of employer’s bias isn’t hearsay

A subordinate’s alleged statements concerning a decision-maker’s reasons for terminating a pregnancy discrimination plaintiff are not hearsay and therefore admissible, the 7th Circuit has ruled in reversing a summary judgment.

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New mother can sue under Pregnancy Act

A job applicant who couldn’t pass a physical agility test because she was still recovering from having a baby could sue for pregnancy discrimination under federal law, a U.S. District Court in Alabama has ruled in denying summary judgment.

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Does an employer violate the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act when, in calculating current retirement benefits, it fails to award full credit for pregnancy leave taken before the effective date of the Act? U.S. Supreme Court. AT&T v. Hulteen, No. 07-543. Certiorari granted June 23, 2008. Ruling below: 481 F.3d 1143 (9th Cir. 2007).

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