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Generic drug maker faces liability for out-of-date warning label

Federal law does not preempt a product liability suit alleging that the maker of a generic form of Fosamax failed to update its warning label in conformity with revised brand-name warnings, the California Court of Appeal has ruled in affirming ...

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Ruling may save suits against generic drug makers

Since last year, when generic drug makers won a victory on the issue of federal preemption before the U.S. Supreme Court, lower courts have been dismissing cases against generic drug makers left and right. But last week a federal appeals ...

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Consumer group asks FDA to revise generic drug warnings

Federal regulations should be revised to allow generic drug manufacturers to update product labeling to warn patients about risks associated with their drugs, according to a petition filed last month with the Food and Drug Administration.

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Panel weighs consolidation of Darvon/Darvocet litigation

SAN FRANCISCO – In oral arguments before the multidistrict litigation panel on Thursday in San Francisco, lawyers sparred over whether litigation involving the popular pain medications Darvon and Darvocet should be consolidated and if so, where they should be centralized.

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