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Anger over outsourced medical errors yields $140 million verdict


Sharron Juno died because of a typo. A lifelong diabetic, Juno had her insulin dosage dictated by her doctor in Alabama but transcribed by an outsourced sub-contractor in India, who wrote “80” instead of “8.” Juno passed away after receiving ...

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Outsourcing for bankruptcy lawyers

Bankruptcy attorney Jay Fleischman of Legal Practice Pro says in a recent blog post that bankruptcy attorneys can manage their practices better if they outsource certain tasks . He advises outsourcing seven tasks, including bookkeeping, mailing, phone-answering. faxing, standard motion ...

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Ethics of outsourcing

Unless they are involved in international trade issues, lawyers have traditionally been merely curious bystanders in the debate about outsourcing to India and other foreign countries. But not surprisingly, lawyers’ interest in this topic has boomed as cost-conscious clients and large law firms have begun to outsource work.

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Outsourcing can give firms a leg up

Outsourcing is like hiring someone to prepare your taxes. Sure, you can figure out your home office exemption, but the time you spend doing it could be spent coaching your kid’s basketball team instead. The advantages are the same at ...

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