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Supreme Court: Who will replace Justice Stevens?

WASHINGTON - In a statement that sent ripples through the legal world, the Supreme Court's eldest jurist, Justice John Paul Stevens recently said that he will decide by sometime in April whether this term on the Supreme Court will be his last. Who might President Barack Obama select to replace Stevens should he get the chance?

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Health care summit renews tort reform debate

WASHINGTON - The health care summit Thursday between President Barack Obama and House and Senate lawmakers may have started as an effort to find common ground between Republicans and Democrats in crafting legislation. But on the issue of medical malpractice reform, the two parties clashed as Republicans called for liability caps and Democrats countered by saying such measures would harm patients without producing any real cost savings.

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Top bankruptcy law stories of 2009

It started out as a busy year for bankruptcy attorneys – and it just became busier as filings continued to rise. From the start of 2009, experts warned novice bankruptcy attorneys to do their homework before jumping into the specialized ...

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Congress passes COBRA extension

WASHINGTON – The defense spending measure signed into law by President Barack Obama includes an amendment that extends federal health care benefits for the unemployed that was part of the economic stimulus package passed earlier this year.

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Faulty Chinese drywall a topic on Obama Asia trip

Contaminated Chinese drywall, which was installed in a large number of homes throughout the United States leading to a rash of problems and class action lawsuits, is a topic on the agenda of President Barack Obama’s state visit to China.

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The next High Court pick

President Barack Obama seated his first U.S. Supreme Court justice within months of taking office, leaving open the very strong possibility that he will get another chance to make an appointment to the nation’s highest court – perhaps even before ...

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