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Drug litigation preview

Plaintiffs' lawyers are gearing up for a slew of pharmaceutical product liability trials in 2010. While no case has the magnitude of the massive $4.85 billion Vioxx settlement in 2007, the trials represent a welcome return to courtroom action on the pharmaceutical front for plaintiffs' lawyers.

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Neurontin trial dismissed

BOSTON – In a surprise move, the first Neurontin trial has ended with a dismissal, after an anonymous donor offered to put money in a trust fund for the 10-year-old daughter of a Massachusetts woman who committed suicide two years ...

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First Neurontin trial begins

BOSTON – Addressing jurors in the first Neurontin suicide trial, plaintiffs’ lawyer Mark Lanier asserted that drug maker Pfizer knew the anti-epilepsy medication increased the risk of suicide, but intentionally marketed off-label uses to boost the drug’s sales.

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Pfizer faces first trial on Neurontin suicide claim

Pfizer, Inc., the world’s biggest drugmaker, goes to trial today on claims its epilepsy medication Neurontin increases the risk of suicide, in a case the judge called “very tough” for the plaintiffs to win. The trial will be the first of what plaintiffs’ lawyers say are about 1,200 cases.

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