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Medtronic pain pump claim isn’t preempted

Federal law does not preempt a state failure-to-warn lawsuit brought by a man who claimed he suffered paralysis as the result of the surgical implantation of a Medtronic pain pump, the en banc 9th Circuit has ruled. The decision overturns ...

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Medtronic bone graft suit isn’t preempted, says trial court

Federal law does not preempt a product liability suit brought by a woman who claimed she suffered injuries as a consequence of Medtronic’s promotion of a bone graft device for “off-label” uses, a California trial court has ruled in denying ...

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Medtronic defibrillator claim may proceed

Medtronic may be liable for manufacturing a defibrillator that allegedly confused users as to the appropriate setting for restoring a patient’s heart beat to a normal rhythm, the Missouri Court of Appeals has ruled in reversing a summary judgment.

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Federal law preempts Medtronic pain pump suit

Federal law regulating medical devices preempted product liability claims brought by a woman whose husband allegedly received a fatal overdose of medication from a Medtronic drug infusion system, the 4th Circuit has ruled in affirming judgment.

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