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Romancing your referral sources

How can attorneys get potential referral sources to like and trust them enough to send business, without actually looking like they need that business? Columnists Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis take a look at the cultivation process, step-by-step.

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Stay close to your clients in these troubled times

Columnist Tom Kane recommends that law firms focus their marketing and business development efforts primarily on existing clients. Accordingly, it is vital for firms to build strong client relationships by providing the best possible client service.

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Prioritizing your marketing time

Too busy practicing law to even think about marketing your law firm? If you plan your time well, you can make progress on your marketing even if you only spend about an hour a day on it, says Jim Hassett ...

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Innovative Web Marketing

Your firm spent a great deal of time and money perfecting its website. But so did every other firm in your region and practice area, and now your site is as distinctive as an emperor penguin in a huddle during a ...

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Top 5 marketing tips for small-firm lawyers

Marketing can seem like an impossible challenge to solo and small-firm lawyers. But there are lots of steps small-firm lawyers can take to enhance their marketing efforts, win new clients and generate more business from existing clients. Lawyers Weekly USA asked marketing gurus Larry Bodine, Robert Denney and Tom Kane to share their hottest tips for successful marketing.

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