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Low-cost, high-impact marketing ideas

Every day, James Reed sends one personal note. “In this day and age, anybody can shoot off an email or text, but everybody knows that it requires just a little bit more effort to hand write a note,” the Ziff ...

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A three-dimensional view of small firm success

The legal profession has reached a point where upheaval is the “new normal.” Certainly large law firms are changing in response to recession, technology and client demands; those firms that don’t change quickly enough, like Dewey & LeBoeuf, are doomed to swift failure. Some wonder if the sole and small firm practitioner will survive this kind of turmoil. The answer is that although big law firms serve the “1 percent” of the corporate world, there is enormous potential for solos and small firms to thrive by serving the “99 percent” of our society.

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Going mobile: Legal marketers discover QR codes

Where web advertising was once the frontier of the marketing industry, more and more tech-savvy consumers have migrated to a newer form of technology. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, have changed the way we access the Internet by allowing us to take the web on the go. Marketers, including those who work for law firms, are looking to deliver their messages to the mobile web-surfing crowd via QR codes.

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The ethics of business cards

Even something as seemingly innocuous as a business card can present ethical issues for attorneys. For example, although the state of Virginia doesn’t specifically reference business cards in its Rules of Professional Responsibility, lawyers have been cited for inappropriate use ...

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Budgeting time and money for marketing expenditures

Despite all the financial demands solos and small firm attorneys face, it’s crucial to make some room in the budget for marketing expenditures, says Jared Correia, a Senior Practice Advisor at the Law Office Management Assistance Program in Boston.

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Four tips for lawyers seeking podcasting perfection

With seemingly everyone blogging these days, it can be difficult for lawyers to differentiate themselves online. But for those with the time, speaking talent and gumption, podcasting can be just the thing to get your name out there.

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