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Face it — bad legal writing wastes money

A recent article on FindLaw.com called “Five Ways Attorneys Waste Money” claimed that attorneys can cut clients’ costs by avoiding needless motions, staffing cases leanly, focusing on the important issues, avoiding petty spats with the opposition and being smart about ...

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Efficient legal document production for lawyers

Lawyers have always been interested in better ways to produce legal documents and correspondence. Even before computers, memory typewriters allowed lawyers to reuse forms without retyping the entire document. But what are some methods that can be used to automate the document drafting process today?

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Book review: Legal writing tips for any medium

Legal writing spans a lot of territory, from briefs and motions to such mediums as blog posts, Twitter feeds and e-mails. Marie Buckley, a lawyer, writing coach and the founder of Legal Advocacy Workshops, has authored a new book published ...

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Legal writing: Skip the text message

Admittedly, the manner and delivery of legal research and writing have changed significantly in the last decade. But there are a handful of guiding principles that can help bridge the gap between the era of the typewritten “office memorandum” and the age of pervasive – if not exclusive – electronic communication.

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When considering vocabulary, think ‘business casual’

All writers should embrace the idea that one can use an educated vocabulary while writing in a way that makes even the most complicated topic easy to understand. But if you are choosing between two words, or trying to decide what level of complexity your vocabulary should take overall, Columnist Lisa Healy suggests thinking of “business casual” as the description of a good writing style.

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