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No deal: Indiana bar cautions attorneys about coupon sites

Using group coupon or daily deal marketing is “fraught with peril” and is likely not permitted under the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct, the State Bar Association’s Legal Ethics Committee recently said.

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How to make it rain

Want to be a rainmaker in a dry economy? Try some of the tips offered by legal marketing expert and editor-in-chief of Lawyers.com Larry Bodine at a recent webinar sponsored by The Business Development Symposium, an Encino, Calif. firm that ...

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Ethics panel opts for ‘clarity’ over new limits on advertising

An American Bar Association ethics panel is proposing “more clarity” rather than new restrictions in the rules governing lawyers’ use of Internet-based technology to advertise their services.

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Evaluate ROI before spending your marketing dollars

Few small law firms have marketing budgets with line items devoted to business development initiatives such as public relations, paid advertising, charitable donations, website enhancements and print material updates. Consider two of the most common marketing dilemmas and ways to avoid them by thinking ahead.

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