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Legal-Mal Links: A pair of reversals

Legal-Mal Links will bring together the latest legal malpractice news from around the web. For our first week of this feature, we start with a pair of reversals, from the successful appeal of a big legal malpractice verdict to the de-publishing of a case related to the meaning of “actual injury” in legal-mal cases.

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Preventing legal malpractice claims with better communication

Attorneys typically understand that failure to keep a client adequately informed of his or her matter might constitute a breach of the Rules of Professional Conduct. But for malpractice to occur, one would think the client has to sustain some sort of monetary damages. And there is really no economic damage to the client who gets her phone call returned on Friday instead of Monday, right? But communication failures are actually the number one cause of professional liability claims.

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Benchmarks: Immigration lawyer suspended for marriage scam

Perhaps an Ohio immigration lawyer just didn’t think she would ever get caught. After all, who else would be in a better position to know the holes in the system? Well, Lilian Antwiwaa Asante was caught and now she’ll have ...

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Real estate is riskiest practice area, ABA survey finds

Legal malpractice insurers for the first time are reporting a higher percentage of claims involving real estate than any other practice area, according to a new survey from the American Bar Association.

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Lawyer’s website must reflect actual practice

A lawyer misled the public in violation of professional rules of conduct by indicating on his website that the lawyers affiliated with his firm focused on one area of practice when in fact they practiced in multiple areas, a Virginia ...

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What the small firm lawyer can – and should – guarantee

Under the Rules of Professional Conduct, guaranteeing a client a certain result in a legal matter has some limitations. However, lawyers and law firms can promise a level of effort and standards of service without violating any professional rules because exerting effort on a client’s case involves factors within the lawyer’s control. Here are tactics within the control of every lawyer and law firm to help do just that.

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