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Benchmarks: Firm washes its hands of expelled member for $20K

David L. Martindale was given the boot after he openly questioned his Mississippi law firm’s handling of a big-time personal injury case. Yesterday, a state court ruled that the expelled member of the firm was entitled to no more than ...

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Law firm’s malpractice insurance improperly rescinded

A law firm’s malpractice insurance should not have been rescinded based on the imputation of knowledge of one partner’s misconduct to an innocent partner who filled out the policy’s renewal application, the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ruled in reversing ...

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Md. top court declines to impose sanctions against lawyer

Maryland’s highest court has refused to impose any sanctions on a Baltimore-based lawyer whose stepmother accused him of deceit and fraud in handling the estate of his deceased father, who was a famed night club operator and real estate developer.

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