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Should the ABA mandate diversity in its model rules?

The American Bar Association should include diversity as part of the group’s model rules for attorneys, according to a recent request from the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession.

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The paperless chase

Lawyers chasing the goal of running a paperless office are finding that both practical and ethical concerns can cause bumps in the road. Are there some documents that must remain in their original – i.e., paper – form? How many ...

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ABA adopts policies on online marketing, technology, data

The American Bar Association adopted new ethical guidelines for lawyers regarding online marketing and staying aware of current technology at its annual meeting this month. The ABA House of Delegates also approved a policy requiring law schools to provide detailed ...

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‘Deal of the day’ ads may have serious implications

Some lawyers have begun to utilize “deal of the day” advertising, where the potential customer purchases a coupon or voucher permitting them to buy the item or service at a discounted rate. This marketing model has proven an effective tool for attracting new customers and increasing overall business, but with ethics authorities across several states disagreeing on whether “deal of the day” or similar coupon marketing tools violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, whether this form of advertising is safe for attorneys to employ is less than clear.

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The ethics of business cards

Even something as seemingly innocuous as a business card can present ethical issues for attorneys. For example, although the state of Virginia doesn’t specifically reference business cards in its Rules of Professional Responsibility, lawyers have been cited for inappropriate use ...

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