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Can you make cloud computing work for your solo or small firm?

There are a number of ways cloud computing can benefit a solo or a small firm legal practice. The biggest advantage, said Jack Newton, president of Clio, a web-based practice management system based in Vancouver, Canada, is that “cloud computing ...

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A three-dimensional view of small firm success

The legal profession has reached a point where upheaval is the “new normal.” Certainly large law firms are changing in response to recession, technology and client demands; those firms that don’t change quickly enough, like Dewey & LeBoeuf, are doomed to swift failure. Some wonder if the sole and small firm practitioner will survive this kind of turmoil. The answer is that although big law firms serve the “1 percent” of the corporate world, there is enormous potential for solos and small firms to thrive by serving the “99 percent” of our society.

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The paperless chase

Lawyers chasing the goal of running a paperless office are finding that both practical and ethical concerns can cause bumps in the road. Are there some documents that must remain in their original – i.e., paper – form? How many ...

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Renting the law office that suits your firm

Searching for a new office for your law firm can be a daunting task. Whether you’re on the hunt for a first office for a new firm or looking to trade up, the process can raise all sorts of questions about what a law office should be like. Here are some general guidelines to help attorneys find a good fit for their office space.

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Mass. attorney fights for unemployment benefits

Worcester, Mass. patent attorney Gerry A. Blodgett usually advocates for his clients. But lately he’s been fighting on behalf of himself. The attorney is challenging the state of Massachusetts in a bid to receive unemployment benefits, arguing that a dip ...

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Law firm thrives with non-traditional office

There are no corner offices at The Law Chambers of Nicholas Critelli in Des Moines, Iowa. In fact, there are no offices at all. The law firm, which is dedicated to litigation and ADR, has divided its space into function ...

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