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Turning expert witnesses’ data into meaningful testimony

Lawyers care about an expert’s credentials, how the expert’s opinions support their case, and the expert’s ability to withstand cross-examination. Experts care about their reputation and how to balance objectivity with assisting their client’s case. Jurors just want to figure ...

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Private trials: Avoiding the costs and delays of the courts

All litigants on both sides of the aisle have been squeezed by the exponential complexity of litigation and the accompanying time and expense of discovery and trial. But while this strain causes some parties to settle cases rather than deal with prolonged trial dates, there will always be a place for parties to have their matters resolved by a representative cross-section of the community, and some additional but seldom used remedies are available for those parties who do not want to wait for the courts.

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A defendant claiming a Double Jeopardy violation is not entitled to federal habeas relief where a state court’s application of federal law was not unreasonable. See “Court rejects Double Jeopardy claim” U.S. Supreme Court. Renico v. Lett, No. 09-338.  May ...

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