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Meeting the challenge of time-limited voir dire

In a trial-lawyer Utopia, no attorneys would ever have to deliver an opening statement in front of a jury they don't know as well as their own siblings. Instead, they'd have the time and resources to break down a jury pool as thoroughly as Bill Belichick breaks down opposing NFL defenses. But in the real world, expanding caseloads and shrinking resources dictate strict time limits on voir dire.

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Jurors’ handwriting speaks volumes

For Ruth Holmes, a handwritten juror questionnaire is a gold mine of information. But unlike other jury consultants, Holmes, a handwriting analyst, finds her clues not in the biographical content but in the tilt of the letters, the pressure of ...

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Choosing a jury in DUI cases

Alcoholism, social drinking, and drunk driving may be very different animals but in the public mind, the lines between them are blurred, experts tell Lawyers USA. And the results of this "media blitz" are felt in jury selection. People who used to freely say they had a couple of beers at a bar before getting behind the wheel are increasingly reluctant to admit to driving after drinking anything at all. This social disapproval of drinking and driving means that DUI cases, a "crime of degree" that affects more adults in America than any other, are increasingly tough for defense attorneys to win.

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