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A defendant was unable to show that a jury selection process that allegedly drained minorities from the jury pool before jurors in felony trials could be chosen was unconstitutional. See “Unanimous Supreme Court rules in jury selection case.” U.S. Supreme ...

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Selecting the right jury

David A. Wenner and Gregory S. Cusimano’s research shows that some jurors make up their minds before the trial begins, without conscious awareness of their decisions. Identifying such jurors during voir dire is imperative because the case may be over for them before it begins, even though they aren’t likely to acknowledge it.

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No more tears

As most defense attorneys in a personal injury trial can attest, taking the side of a corporation or individual accused of harming a person can easily put you on the wrong side of juror sympathy. J. Ric Gass, a partner at Gass Weber Mullins in Milwaukee, Wis., who has litigated many personal injury cases, spoke with Lawyers USA about his strategies for keeping juror emotion from turning the tide against the defense.

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