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The lawyer world vs. the jury world: Different countries and different languages

Lawyers usually hate jury selection. Not only does voir dire provide limited time and information to identify jurors who will decide the fate of their clients, but it directly confronts attorneys with a problem they have in communicating complex cases to today’s demanding and skeptical juror: that jurors and attorneys think and communicate in completely different ways. Here are some of the problems that prevent attorneys and from communicating more effectively with jurors. Simply being aware of these problems can help lawyers refocus on clear jury communication.

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Complex patent case decided by pre-screened jurors

Any attorney who has tried a case involving complex concepts knows that presenting the evidence in a way that jurors fully comprehend is no simple task. But lawyers say a recent trial in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts that featured a novel approach to jury selection offered a far different experience for those involved.

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Analyzing jurors’ handwriting

Alice Weiser works for attorneys and law firms, helping them “unselect” potential jurors by analyzing handwriting as well as body language and facial expressions. Weiser spoke with Lawyers USA about how she analyzes a jury pool and helps guides attorneys to victory.

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On murder and social media: Casey Anthony’s jury consultant speaks

Minutes after the jury delivered a stunning defense verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial, the defendant’s chief trial consultant, Amy Singer, spoke with Lawyers USA about what trial lawyers can learn from the case. Singer, who has consulted on other high profile cases including the Jack Kevorkian and Michael Jackson trials, said that this case was different due to her extensive use of social media.

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