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Preparing a witness to increase credibility

Lawyers USA Columnist Richard Gabriel advises trial lawyers on how to increase witnesses’ ability to communicate authentically in order to make them more credible. He provides tips on what questions to ask your witnesses during trial and ideas on how to better engage the jury.

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Study offers trial lawyers insights on jurors’ thinking

Trial consulting firm Decision Analysis recently released the first report analyzing results from a nationwide survey of juror attitudes on specific litigation issues. The report – comprised of responses from 2,894 participants in cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia – offers insight to both sides of the bar.

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Turning dull evidence into meaningful stories

When presenting a case to a jury, there is a fine line an attorney must walk between showy theatricality and mind-numbing exposition of technical evidence. Here are some tips from Lawyers USA columnist Richard Gabriel on turning everyday evidence into meaningful stories that will resonate with a jury.

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