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Jury mediation: a new tool to resolve cases

Lawyers USA columnist Richard Gabriel has spoken to hundreds of attorneys, judges and mediators about their mediations and settlements over the past year, and has found that the question of whether to settle or take a case to trial contains a fundamental risk analysis: How can a litigant obtain better information to either resolve a case or let a jury check the boxes on a verdict form? To address these concerns, Gabriel has begun conducting jury mediations.

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What neuroscience can teach lawyers about how jurors use evidence

As with muscular and even intellectual skill, our brains also learn emotions and form our own idiosyncratic pattern of reasoning based on how we grew up and our practiced behaviors. Lawyers USA Columnist Richard Gabriel explores what neuroscience can teach trial lawyers about how jurors use evidence.

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What they see is what you get

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a real, live plaintiff or defendant sitting in front of a jury worth? It could be the key to your case. From a plaintiff’s jewelry to a defendant’s suit to the appearance of family members who stop by the trial, jurors are taking in everything they see and factoring it into their deliberations.

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Trial Strategy: Should lawyers monitor jurors online?

With more than 500 million people on Facebook, it should come as no surprise that jurors are players in the world of social media. And it seems that each week, a story surfaces about a juror tweeting her plan to convict a defendant, or posting on Facebook that he plans to find for the plaintiff – before deliberations even begin. So the question is: Has the social media presence of jurors become so overwhelming that lawyers have a duty to monitor it?

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