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Report: Judge shouldn’t lose job for closing court

An embattled Texas judge who closed her court before a death-row inmate could file his final appeal should not lose her job or receive any further punishment beyond the "public humiliation" she has faced, a judge presiding over her ethics trial said in a report released Wednesday.

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Lawyers criticizing judges

Litigators occasionally feel frustrated about how judges treat them or their clients. But how far can they go in expressing it? As in so many other ethics contexts, it is easy to see both sides of the issue, says Lawyers USA Columnist Thomas Spahn.

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Judicial Conference revises Code of Conduct

WASHINGTON – The policymaking body for the federal judiciary adopted the first substantial revisions to the Code of Conduct covering federal judges and members of the federal courts’ bar since 1992.

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So, you want to be a judge?

You’ve litigated many cases, always wondering what it might be like in the judge’s chair. And now you think you want to bring your own legal experience to the bench. But do you have – or even know – what it ...

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