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State passes immigration law authorizing arrests

The Arizona legislature has passed a harsh immigration law allowing police to detain and arrest anyone suspected of being undocumented and making it a crime if someone cannot prove immigration status on the spot.

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Criminal defense lawyers weigh in on new requirements

Criminal defense lawyers are weighing in on Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision, which held that they must inform non-citizen clients about the risk of deportation when taking a plea deal. Such notification is a constitutional requirement for effective assistance of counsel ...

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Court considers if two misdemeanors equal a felony

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court took up a case Wednesday that considers whether a person who was convicted of two misdemeanors – therefore qualifying for, but never charged with, a felony enhancement – is guilty of an “aggravated felony” ...

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A criminal defense attorney must inform a non-citizen client if a plea carries a risk of deportation, as part of the Sixth Amendment guarantee of effective assistance of counsel. See “Criminal defense lawyers must warn of deportation risk” U.S. Supreme ...

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Does an immigration law that allows a child born out of the country to a mother, but not a father, who is a U.S. citizen to obtain citizenship violate the Constitution’s Equal Protection provision? Flores-Villar v. U.S. No 09-5801. Certiorari ...

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