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Med-mal plaintiff can’t use HIPAA to pierce privilege

A medical malpractice plaintiff did not have a right under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to the production of transcripts of ex parte physician interviews conducted by defense counsel, the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled in reversing a ...

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New HIPAA rule means big changes for doctors, hospitals

Doctors, hospitals, other medical providers and companies who do business with them are facing big changes as a result of new HIPAA regulations.

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HIPAA doesn’t protect hospital for wrongful disclosure

Federal medical privacy law does not preempt a lawsuit against a hospital that wrongfully disclosed a patient’s mental health records to his estranged wife, West Virginia’s highest court has ruled in reversing a dismissal.

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Benchmarks: HIPAA doesn’t preempt wrongful disclosure suit

A West Virginia man can sue for the wrongful disclosure of his mental health records to his estranged wife and her divorce attorney as a result of last week’s decision by the state’s highest court that HIPAA does not preempt ...

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Benchmarks: Adoptive parents can’t sue over birth defects

A New York couple didn’t learn until it was too late that the baby boy they wished to adopt had serious brain damage. Yesterday, they learned their legal remedies against the birth mother’s doctor were foreclosed by their adoption lawyer’s ...

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